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Under the trend of environmental protection, energy conservation and carbon reduction, the demand for 'e-bikes' is on the rise. Our country has advanced core technologies such as high-performance batteries, motor technology, power management systems and full vertical Integration model on manufacture and businesses. Gather through the industries with the competition structure of constructing the industry specialty area supply chain perpendicularity integration, reach the advantage of reducing the cost. It’s true that Taiwan is the world’s producer of high-quality ebikes.

We have many independent brands such as GIANT, MERIDA, FUJI, ASTER, BIRDY, KHS and so on. Taiwantrade offer the comprehensive product collection designed specifically for traveler cyclists, ranging from vocational apparel to premium ebike. We sincerely invite you to share the life of low-carbon electric bicycles to jointly explore new horizons and experiences to show your endless possibilities.
1. Folding e-bikes
A folding electric bicycle is a ebike designed to fold into a compact form facilitating, transport and storage. When folded, the bikes can be more easily carried into buildings, on public transportation and more easily stored in compact living quarters or aboard a car, boat or plane. Folding mechanisms vary, with each offering a distinct combination of folding speed, folding ease, compactness, ride, weight, durability and price. ( ...more folding e-bikes )

2. Mountain e-bikes
A mountain electric bike made in Taiwan (MIT) is rugged, agile and it withstands the toughest all-terrain challenges with amazing grip and quiet power. It helps you to go faster and farther easier. A powerful direct drive motor gives you instant acceleration. The pedal assist mode and throttle produce higher speed. E-Mountain bikes are way more just a tool for sport! Just get one and enjoy your green life. ( ...more mountain e-bikes )

 Are you ready for your E-bike trip?


With an E-bike, leisure cyclists can take on more challenging routes and commuters can power through their journey. But before engaging in a E-bike tour, it is best to have a basic understanding of E-bike riding.


 Basic equipment


A helmet for protecting the head, a glove for protecting the palm of the hand, front and rear lights for lighting and warning functions, and a bicycle water bottle.


 Cycling Tips


Correct location

Handle position will affect the bike position, from the relaxed to full Mercedes-Benz. If the back of the elbow wrist waist prone to fatigue, as long as the handle position to improve, you will feel more comfortable.


Brakes precautions

In case of unexpected situations, avoid straining the brakes by force and force; brakes, such as locking, resulting in a crash due to changes in center of gravity. To multiple press, loose, press, loose gradually brake way to replace a brake.


Curve riding

The angle of inclination between the body and the ground depends on the speed and the size of the curve, but generally it should not exceed 28 degrees, otherwise there is a risk of slipping. And we can also add a little extra force in the leg outside, with the knee inside the crossbar, thereby reducing the pressure and reduce the camber.


 Safe ride


Cyclists' risks are mainly attributable to the third party's risk of being hit by a vehicle, followed by the risk of accidental human-induced damage due to distractions, poor technology and loss of control.



Getting on your bike and going somewhere ! 



Top Cycling Routes in Taiwan

1. Northern-Left Bank Bicycle Trail, Dansui River, New Taipei City

Plenty of scenic restaurants can be found along the section between the wharf and the left bank park in Bali.The New Taipei City government built a fashionable New Moon (Xinyue) Bridge where LED light shows are held from time to time.

2. Northern-Old Caoling Trail Circle-Line Bikeway, Northeast Coast

The Old Caoling Trail Circle-Line Bikeway is about 20km long. Ecological engineering methods are applied to build this hilly path that merges perfectly with the Pacific skylines.

3. Northern-Dongshan River Bicycle Trail, Yilan

Located by Dongshan River, Yilan, this 24km trail is great for doing sports and leisure activities. The trail is planted with Common Butter Bush trees.

4. Central-Jiji Green Tunnel & Round-the-Town Bicycle Trail, Nantou

From town views to railway scenery, this bicycle train offers a feast for the eyes. The old camphor trees that make the “green tunnel” give off the soothing smell of mountains.

5. Central-Sun Moon Lake Bicycle Trail

The Sun Moon Lake Bicycle Trail is hailed by a lifestyle and travel website under CNN from USA as one of the ten most beautiful cycling paths in the world.

Find out more amazing bicycle routes in Taiwan, please visit Taiwan Cycling Festivle